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Growth of New Chapters

International Accreditation Organization GESFWA is witnessing a rapid growth as more and more chapters develop and its network grows across the globe.

In order to further attain its mission of standardizing and promoting working adults’ education worldwide, GESFWA had created chapters in different countries. The focal purpose of any chapter is to improve, standardize and promote the working adults’ education within their regions on city, state and national level.

All the regional chapters comprise of native members who come from the various fields of education for the sole purpose of realizing GESFWA’s mission. The existing chapters in countries like United States, Japan, Germany, Middle East, UK, France, South Korea, Italy, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are already working towards GESFWA’s mission of standardizing and improving working adults’ study plans.

Presently GESFWA is witnessing a rapid growth in new member applications from many different regions and countries, with applicants keen on joining a new chapter in their respective regions too.
Considering a significant number of membership applications from any given region, GESFWA actively initiates a new chapter there and for each new chapter, GESFWA’s our own systems administer, manage and maintain the chapter in totality.

Typically Chapter members organize different seminars, workshops, and conferences, manage and maintain different GESFWA’s regional publications, Visit and verify the credibility of the information provided by different regional educational institutions who apply for accreditation and actively increase GESFWA’s network within their region. For each chapter, GESFWA’s own systems manage and maintain the complete chapter plan and each member’s personalized account area. This can be used to easily interact with all chapter members and gives free access to all the latest GESFWA news, updates, and all other information, to the great benefit of the growing world-wide network of GESFWA members.

To accomplish its mission of standardizing and promoting working adults’ education worldwide, GESFWA has created chapters in different countries. All these regional chapters have native members who are related to the field of education in one way or the other and work to achieve GESFWA’s mission in their respective chapters. Read more

GESFWA is very pleased to announce the launch of its technologically advanced online personalized area for all the members to increase their productivity. Read more
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