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7 Great Benefits of Becoming GESFWA’S Member

GESFWA offers many benefits to its members. Through our membership, you become a member of an international community and enjoy the prestige associated with it. By becoming our member, you can:

Participate absolutely free in all our global events

Once you become GESFWA’s member, you will be welcome to participate in all our global events that happen frequently in different parts of the world. These events include workshops, seminars, and conferences etc. And the best part is that you don’t pay a single penny for participation in these events!

Get access to GESFWA’s member area

As soon as you become GESFWA’s member, a personalized member area will be created for you on GESFWA’s website. Through this member area you can do a lot. It will give you free access to all the latest GESFWA news, happenings, updates, and all other GESFWA related information. From your member area you can also make your contributions to your chapter’s publications. You can also opt for other activities such as visits to educational institutions etc. And there’s a lot more you can do from your personalized member area.

Get free copies of GESWA’s regional publications

GESFWA members automatically get subscribed to free regional publications of GESFWA, such as newsletters, educational standards etc. These publications are also intended to promote GESFWA’s mission on regional basis and their contents focus on the standardization of working adults’ education across the globe.

Get personalized certificate of membership and use GESFWA’s logo on your business card and personal website

As soon as you become GESFWA’s member, we send you personalized membership certificate. Also, you will be able to use GESFWA’s logo on your business card and your personal website.

Work for a good social cause

Above all the benefits attached to GESFWA’s membership is that you will be working for a good social cause. You’ll be doing a great service to your country by making the pursuit of education easier for working adults.

So if you are a faculty member, administrator in educational institution, member of regional accreditation body, govt. official from education ministry or anyone else associated with the field of education in your country, become our member and work for the betterment of education for working adults in your region. Our membership is absolutely free with no joining fee or any other payments.

To standardize working adults’ education throughout the world and expand its outreach by providing required systems and solutions so that more and more working adults can pursue their desired education and in turn play their role in increasing the overall productivity and GDP of the world.

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Working at an enormous pace to move forward towards our mission and standardize and promote education for working adults the world over.
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