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Currently, many regional chapters of GESFWA are already working to carry forward our mission of standardizing working adults’ education across the globe.

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No chapter in your region?

If you are related to the field of education and want to become our member you are welcome to apply for membership even if your country’s chapter doesn’t exist yet.

GESFWA wants to ensure you can become a member and promote GESFWA’s mission in your region even if your country does not have a chapter. Becoming our member will bring you many benefits, such as you will be able to represent your country in international educational conferences, besides many other benefits. Please remember that membership is absolutely FREE and you never make any kind of payment. (Click here to see all the benefits)

GESFWA is actively initiating new chapters in different regions and countries and furthermore considering a significant number of membership applications form your region a new chapter may be initiated there.

For each new chapter, our own systems manage and maintain the complete chapter plan. All members receive a membership certificate and a personal account area. This can be used to easily interact with all chapter members. It will give you free access to all the latest GESFWA news, happenings, updates, and all other GESFWA related information. From your account area you can also make your contributions to your chapter’s publications. You can also opt for other activities such as visits to educational institutions etc.

To apply for membership you will be required to provide your personal and professional details. In our membership application you can state your primary and secondary regions of preference. We will evaluate your membership request and you’ll be informed about our decision within 24-48 hours of application submission.

So if you are a faculty member, administrator in educational institution, member of regional accreditation body, govt. official from education ministry or anyone else associated with the field of education in your country, start GESFWA’s chapter and work for the betterment of education for working adults in your region.

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