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Welcome to the Media Relations Page, where GESFWA posts news releases with information about projects, activities and events relating to the Education for Working Adults in order to inform the media of its regular activities and new services as the media has a powerful role in educating the general public simply by making available valuable and previewed information in forms of various publications like educational newsletters, current affairs-based magazines, radio & television programs. It is through strong media coverage that our mission will reach out to more and more working adults anticipating to be the proud achievers of recognized certifications.

Media Relations:

cot Being a mission-oriented organization, GESFWA is taking leaps towards its goal with enormous pace. It was very important to standardize and promote working adults’ education. Numerous discussions among world’s educationists in this regard since the start of year 2007 resulted in GESFWA’s creation. The goal to achieve was set to be the standardization of working adults’ education worldwide and expanding its outreach to more and more working adults of the world.cot

Online Member Area Facility - Technologically advanced online facility for members to increase their productivity

NewsGESFWA is very pleased to announce the launch of personalized area for all the members. Henceforth, all the members will be provided this personalized member area upon their membership confirmation. This technologically advanced online facility will strengthen the network and will increase the overall productivity and efficiency of GESFWA. Read more

We remain committed to our cause

NewsWorking with an enormous pace to move forward towards our mission and standardize and promote the education for working adults world over. Read more

To standardize working adults’ education throughout the world and expand its outreach by providing required systems and solutions so that more and more working adults can pursue their desired education and in turn play their role in increasing the overall productivity and GDP of the world.

GESFWA is very pleased to announce the launch of its technologically advanced online personalized area for all the members to increase their productivity. Read more

Working at an enormous pace to move forward towards our mission and standardize and promote education for working adults the world over.
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Our quarterly magazine to keep you abreast of latest developments in the field of working adult’s education. Read more
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